Pastry & Confectionery


Baked goods, pastry and desserts are an essential part of any given restaurant’s menu…

The skills to cook these kinds of treats will surely come in handy when you’ll be employed at a bakery or a coffee house!

We’re determined to provide a universal range of both theoretical and practical skills, needed to become a professional cooking art master!

That is why each class we have, including this one, is divided into few additional, more niche culinary sub-classes.

With a French patisserie expert Jean-Luc Pinot as the Dean of this Class, we’re sure that any student will find it an easy task… if he survives our 12-month long culinary bootcamp!

This course features such sub-classes as:
  • Chocolate Pastry & Confectionery Making
  • French Pastry & Pastry & Confectionery
  • Middle East Pastry & Confectionery
  • Asian & African Pastry & Confectionery
  • Cakes baking
  • Sweet Pastry
  • Salt Pastry
  • Cookies & other

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